Friday, July 5, 2013

Preserving My Parsley

My parsley plant has been growing like crazy and I have been able to get a couple of harvests from it so far. I wanted to be able to save the parsley without drying it. I love the smell and taste of fresh parsley. I figured that I could freeze it and what better way to do it than in ice cubes.

I washed and then trimmed the stems. I only got a small bunch this time. The other day I got a bunch more.

Then I put the parsley in the ice cube try. Trying not to fill up each compartment with parsley because when you add the water, the parsley will float a little.

After adding the water, just stick it into your freezer.

All frozen. Still nice and pretty and you can still smell the fresh parsley smell.

Isn't it pretty? makes a nice looking ice cube.

I just put all my cubes in a ziplock freezer bag and labeled and dated it and popped it back in the freezer. When I want to use it in my recipes, I can just pop it right on in the dish and let it melt. Not sure how it will be if you want to use it "fresh" and not cooked. Might be a little bit mushy, but still very flavorful.

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