Friday, July 26, 2013

Got the momma ground hog......finally

After setting up a fence around the yard, it was funny to watch the trail camera pictures of the ground hog trying to figure a way in. It took her hours, but she did find a week spot on our fence. So she had one last meal munching on the pole beans.

My poor beans :o(. I hope there is enough still there to maybe grow more and have a small fall harvest. These pole beans were my bumper crop of beans.

We used that spot under the fence to set up a way for her to go in the have a heart trap. We had to use our neighbors old dog cage to make a little spot around the part of the fence she made it under. Then we put the trap inside the area between the fence and the cage.

At ten this morning, I heard the phone ring and then Matt go out the backdoor (the door is right near my bedroom door). Then I herd him running in and down the hall. I knew from that run, that we caught something. I have been sleeping a ton recently due to my RA and fibro flaring so this also woke me up and got me out of bed.

I went outside in my jammies to see what we caught, then went back to get my camera.

She was one ticked off critter. She kept trying to get out of the cage by head butting the spot she went in. Thanks to the lovely way the cages were made, all that work was going to not let her go free. Heck, even I had a hard time figuring out how to open it when we went to free her.

I drove 3 miles away to where we put her kids. Hoping she doesn't make her way back here. I highly doubt it though. We have the trail camera still up and running just in case there was another ground hog out there. We caught the momma and the kids, so there has to be a dad somewhere. I doubt it though.


  1. We had problems too, burrowing beneath our basement which can eventually collapse the floor. I cooked her and groundhog is delicious. We made groundhog and dumplings. Seems a lot of folks around here have been eating ground hog for years. Here is a link to the post with the recipe plus our advertures with ground hogs.

  2. Going to save that recipe for the next time. Hoping there isn't a next time, but you never know. Hubby is willing to eat pretty much anything that moves. hehe


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