Thursday, July 11, 2013

I love thunder storms

You would think that after all the rain we had in May and June that I wouldn't be looking forward to the rain. I think of it like this, it is one less thing I have to do in the garden. It takes me a long time to water our 6 large raised beds.

I was out in the garden trying to do a little weeding and fertilizing when I noticed that the sky was getting very dark. It had been very humid all day, so I figured there would be a storm. I managed to fertilize the pole beans and put more straw on top of my potato plants before I felt the patter of water. No sooner than I stepped in the backdoor, the sky opened up. Big time opened up. It is pouring out soo much right now. I know that my side yard and the low spot near the corn will fill up with water, like always.

View from my backdoor. Our shed. Very foggy. The circles or sparkles are the rain drops against my cameras flash.

Same view, but without the flash. All the streaks coming down is the rain. It was really coming down fast and hard.

It is storms like this that makes me wish we had the wrap around porch  like our last house did. I would sit on the porch and just watch and listen to the storm roll on through. Now I just curl up in my bedroom and listen to the storm.

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