Friday, July 26, 2013

Dinner cooked by Matt

Matt is going to his second week of scout camp next week. One of the merit badges he chose to work on is fishing. The one prerequisite that he has to do before camp is to catch, prepare and cook or buy a fish and cook it. He has caught many fish before, so he knows how to do it. We haven't had much time to go fishing this summer, so Matt and I went out to the store to buy some fish.

When we lived in MA, there were fish markets all over. I think I have only seen one kinda near us here in NH, but they are expensive. So sadly, we bought our fish from the grocery store.

I asked Matt how he wanted to cook it. He will eat fish done anyway, same with me, but the hubby will only eat fried fish. We decided to pan fry the fish in a little butter and some of my homemade breadcrumbs. He also made some rice pilaf and carrots that we got at the farmers market this afternoon.

Preparing the fillets in the breadcrumbs. Don't look at my dishes that I had yet to put away. We have almost no counter space.

Frying up the fish, cooking the carrots and the rice.

Kinda blurry cause I moved. He had some issues flipping the fish over. It is a pain to do because it is so flaky.

The final result. This was actually my plate. It was really good. Perfectly cooked. I hoovered big time, and told him what to look for and when to flip the fish when his first fillet was cooking. He made a total of 4. The carrots were soo supper yummy. They were picked fresh this morning. I am going to have to grow some next spring I think. I know everyone here will love them, even our rabbit.

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