Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flowers in the garden

It was raining on and off today, like it has for the past month or so. During one of the breaks, I decided to go out and see how the garden was doing. It needs to be weeded bad. One good thing about the rain, is it makes weeding so much easier.

My cucumbers are flowering like crazy. I am hoping to see the fruits forming soon. I really want pickles this year. I had no cucumbers last year.

The tomatoes are flowering like crazy too. I can't wait to make sauce. I used up my last jar from last years harvest just last week.

It was so nice to see this guy in the garden, even if he was just hanging out on the clover. I have been reading about millions of bees getting killed off because of pesticides. 50,000 in Oregon and 37 million in Canada. Not really near me, but still. That is a lot of bees and we need these little guys. I think the reason I haven't seen much in the garden this year is because of all the rain we have had so far. I am sure once the rain holds off, the bees will come out of the woodwork.

Our lawn is covered in purple and white clover right now. I love it. Looks so pretty. I just have to remember to wear my shoes or sandals when I go out now. I stepped on a bee last year and it not only hurt like the dickens, but it triggered my asthma instantly. My dad is allergic to bees bad (he legally died from a bee sting for 4 minutes back when I was younger), so I am always on the watch out to make sure nothing worse happens to me.

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