Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy's arrival tomorrow, our town celebrated Halloween tonight. For the past few years, Matt has always been dressed for the military, but this year he decided on something different. After seeing some ninja weapons at Walmart, that is what he wanted to be.

All I did was dig out some black sweats, a black turtleneck and made a head piece out of a black shirt. All I really paid for was the weapons, which cost me 8.00. After I put on his head piece, he looks at me and says he looks like a terrorist. I was like, Ummm don't say that outside this house. He kinda did, I guess.

A week ago we decided to carve one of our pumpkins. I saved all the seeds to roast up.


Not bad, eyes are a little off though.

Seeds all cleaned and dried all ready to be oiled and salted up to roast. Yumm!

The pumpkin all lite up with a taplight. LOL

We also grew our own pumpkins this year, with help from my dad. He gave us the seeds. We gave him the biggest one that grew.

These are the ones we kept. They eventually turned a little darker orange red.

The pumpkin that went to dad.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My new toy

This summer we grew a ton (and I mean a ton) of tomatoes. We ate a ton and the rest I cut up and froze till I could borrow a food strainer to process all my Roma's into sauce. Towards the end of summer, we were getting sick of eating the Grape and Beef Steak tomatoes, so I chopped them all up and froze them all.

Three gallon sized bags, 2 quart and one sandwich sized bags full. Then the hubby said to go ahead and buy myself the strainer I wanted. This showed up this past Monday afternoon:

My food strainer and additional screens for pumpkins, berry's, grapes, and salsa. So I put all my tomato bags into the fridge to thaw out. I had to dump out a lot of water from the ice melting.

 Here it is all set up, just ignore my clean dishes in the background. hehe

In use. Look at all the yummy tomato goodness.

Full pot of sauce cooking on the stove to thicken it up a little. It was still very thin even after letting it simmer for a long time and adding tomato paste. Still smells yummy though.

Leftover tomato skin and seeds for my compost bin. I wonder if any tomato plant will start to grow?

All canned and cooling on the counter. I got 8 pints out of all those tomatoes. Not bad for a first time.

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