Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

Just because it is easier to post all the pictures that I took here on my blog instead of on Facebook. So here is my neighborhood and yard. I live in a mobile home park and the owner of it will not salt or sand the streets, only plow.

The view from the door at 9 this morning.

The snowdrift on the deck.

The hubs starting to plow us out.

Lots of snow!

This side of my car is covered, the other has nothing.

The ramp up to my deck.

My yard.

My daughter in the snow in her jammies. The snow is up to her hips.

Our mailboxes and my old bosses home. Our mailbox is the one without the door on it.

Our street.

Big snow pile in front of a neighbors home.

My car rescued from the depths of the driveway.

Plowing a path to the oil tank.

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