Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting back into Blogging

During my 6 years of homeschooling, I blogged everyday. This past year was my first year with no homeschooling and I tended to slack off in the blog department. Going to get back into the swing of things.

Things have been crazy here, like every summer. As of today the boys are off to Boy Scout Resident camp until Thursday and my goal is to deep clean the house. One thing I have noticed about being the only girl here is my house never seems to get clean. The boys sure do mess it up a lot and fast. So everyday I will take one room and get it sparkling. All except Matt's room and Steve's side of the bedroom. They can do those themselves. It may take a couple to get the living room cleaned up because we emptied out our storage unit a couple of months ago (ya I know but the RA slows me down a ton) and so it is full of boxes and crap.

So today's goal is to get the kitchen cleaned up. It won't take long cause I hate a messy kitchen to begin with. Allegra (the rabbit) and Gracie (the cat) will get their areas cleaned up as well. I will post another blog all about what has been going on with my baby Gracie. Oh and laundry. I did a bunch over the weekend to get the clothes for camp packed. Not that they are far from me. They are only on the other side of NH about 40 minutes away.

I will be back. Going to go wash up last night's dishes. Had take out, so not much there. hehe
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