Monday, July 29, 2013

Evening walk in the garden

I've been in a lot of pain recently, so I haven't been out in the garden much. The hubby would grab anything that was ready to harvest. It has also been very gloomy and threatening to rain all day. We did get an emergency alert on the radio warning us that a severe storm was on its way to us. Ya that rain never came. It did rain a little while we were out to dinner, but it never rained in our town. Oh well, that's okay.

This is the first year growing corn, so it has been a learning process. Our corn is very tall, finally and has lots of "male bits" (as I call them) on them. They are also all over the corn leaves, which is kinda the point. The male parts fall off to fertilize the female bits.

The "female bits". I was soo excited to see these popping up. I have been so temped to self fertilize so that I know I will get cobs that grow well.

 Our butternut squash is growing like crazy. Next year I am not going to plant as much. There are 13 plants here! LOL. All my neighbors will be getting some of these.

The potatoes haven't grown up much recently, so I am hoping they are focusing of producing the tubers. The flowers died off a week or so ago, so they should be. This is also the first year we have grown these.

Lots of fruits on our butternut squash. They look sooo cute!

The pepper plants are loaded with little peppers. I am so excited about this. Last year we only had one pepper for the whole summer. That stunk bad. We love our peppers. Raw in our salads or just to munch on and cooked into our sauces and other dishes.

Our pole beans that the ground hog ate seem to be making a comeback. They are still a sad sight to look at from the bottom though.

But they are looking really good on the poles. Nicely growing up and fast too.

Overall the garden is looking nice. Only the bed with the summer squash and zucchini are dying down. I will be cleaning out that bed in a couple of weeks.

Our tomato plants are over loaded, but have yet to turn red yet. Well, one little roma has turned red, but we will just eat that in a salad. The basil is huge and I need to pick and  harvest it badly.

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