Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fall planting

I have never planted a fall veggie garden before, so this is a new thing for me. I have been pouring over my catalogs trying to find some veggies that we will eat that grow good in the cool weather up here in New Hampshire.

I placed an order with Territorial Seeds for two different kind of lettuce, some snap peas (I got my others from Burpee through The Home Depot), and some carrots. I also love the Seed Savers Exchange and Seeds of Change companies. What other companies do you like to get your seeds or plants from?

The seeds I ordered are:

Super Sugar Snap Peas
Tom Thumb Lettuce
Valmaine Lettuce (organic)
Yaya Carrots (organic)

The snap peas are going to go in the same place as the spring plantings went. I am also going to be putting the lettuce there as well. The carrots are a different thing. Those are going to be grown in some of the big pots I have in my garden. I don't have any more space in my raised beds for them. It's another reason I am not trying a fall planting of broccoli. No more room.

The spring peas are gone and I just need to clean up and get the bed ready for the fall planting. As soon as the seeds arrive, they will be planted. I also need to find some shade cloth in case the sun gets to be too much for these cool weather loving veggies.

1 comment:

  1. Those are some great choices. I'm doing the same planting for fall it looks like. Heres hoping the weather holds out


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