Friday, July 12, 2013

Our friend is back and other garden updates

After having a few weeks without our little furry bean loving friend, I saw him today. Matt and I were heading out to my sisters and just as I started the car, there he was. he was walking very slowly towards our raised beds. I got out of the car and slowly walked towards him. He saw me and turned and ran. I ran after him (something that hurt like the dickens on my RA swollen feet and knees) and was able to see where he was coming from. My neighbor has this huge bush in her backyard and he seems to be living under it. My neighbors have a bunch of clutter in their backyard, so this critter seems to have made himself at home there.

While out on my daily garden duty, I happen to notice that our little friend has moved away from the beans and onto new plants.

He ate three leaves off one of our butternut squash plants. No big deal, but I don't need him going nuts on them. He also ate three leaves on one of our pumpkin plants.

I cleaned up the edges of the beds, grass growing up the sides of the beds and things, then I sprayed the critter ridder spray stuff out again. It seemed to work before we got like 3 weeks of rain, so I decided to try it again. No rain on the horizon tonight, so it will have a chance to dry this time.

While out weeding the beds, I had a few little friends visit. There was a dragonfly flying around the tomatoes, a lady bug crawling on the pepper plants, and a huge grass hopper jumping around the zucchini and summer  squash.

The zucchini themselves are growing like weeds. Getting sooo big. Finally there is zome fruit growing on them too! So excited.

The corn is growing good too. This is the first year we grew it. Not knowing what to expect, I planted more than I needed in case some of the plants didn't grow. Um ya, all the plants grew. So we have a bunch of corn.

This is how big the corn was the last week of June. Still small, but you can tell it's corn growing.

This is the bed of corn 2 weeks ago. Getting bigger.

This is the corn today. Really big. it comes up to my waist now and I have 5'6".

My first cucumber is growing. So happy. We didn't have any grow last year, so no pickles were made.

Our Roma's are full of green tomatoes. Can't wait to make sauce. Nothing tastes more yummy than homemade fresh from the garden sauce. I also have a big bush of basil growing with the Roma's so that should make them taste yummier too.


  1. And no squash bugs yet? Lucky You!! The garden looks great.

    1. Nope no squash bugs. Hope to not see any. The stupid ground hog has been enough of a pain for us. :o)


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