Monday, July 15, 2013

My Weekly Goals

I saw this posting over at Homemaking Organized Blog and thought this was a good idea. She even has a downloadable print out for your weekly goals if you like making lists, like me. I could always have a little encouragement and pushing to get my goals accomplished. I have a hard enough time remembering things as it is, so a little reminder is always welcomed.

 My weekly goals are:

1. Clean and organize crafting/sewing nook in kitchen. It is actually our kitchen table. We don't use it. I know we are bad because we eat where ever and whenever for dinner. When you have a hubby that has no set schedule, you never know when he will be home. He could be home at 3pm or 9pm. Matt is usually not hungry when I am. Weekends we do eat together, but during the week, we don't. So, for the past few years, the kitchen nook has been my sewing/craft area. it is also the biggest catch all for our crap.

2. Finish painting the bathroom. I started this a few weeks ago back when my washer died. My dryer was still good, but I took this opportunity to buy brand new machines. Something I have never had. I have always had very old hand me downs. In fact the one that died was about 19 years old if not a little older. We had the money saved up for these, so it wasn't too much of a big deal. I even gave the working dryer to a friend of mine who's dryer was about to die. While my bathroom (where the washer and dryer are kept) had no appliances in it, I took the time to paint it a new color. I got the walls done but not the cabinets or trim.

3. Make a couple of jars of laundry detergent. Yes, I make my own laundry detergent. Why? Because it is cheaper than buying it from the store. It is easy to make and lasts a long time. It also cleans really well. This is how I make my laundry detergent.

4. Attach hooks to bathroom curtains and sew curtains together.  Our bathroom is missing a wall. When we first moved in, the only way to get our washer and dryer to fit in the bathroom, was to take out the wall to the hallway. Seeing how I am the only girls here and my hubby and son almost never shut the bathroom door when they use it, I figured why not and just hung two floor to ceiling curtains as a "wall". They have worked well for a few years now. I have them pinned together and hanging from a tension rod. Only thing that annoys me is the tabs at the top get stuck on one part of the rod. So I bought some shower hooks to use instead of the tab tops to make it easier to move. I also need to sew the curtains together already. They are just pinned together right now.

5. Air & clean out Matt's camping trunk. Ya, so after a week at Boy Scout camp, Matt's trunk was very ripe. Stinky teenager smell. Not pretty at all. I did take out his clothes the second he got home, but the rest of the things have been sitting there in the closed trunk. Need to get that funk out, just in time for his next week long camping trip with the scouts.

What goals do you have planned this week? Share them with others at Our Heart & Home.

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up this week at Our Heart and Home. I really enjoy reading others goals and coming back to see the progress that they made.

    Have a blessed week and I hope to see you next Monday!


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