Friday, July 26, 2013

Allegra our rabbit

Lots of the blogs I read, everyone seems to raise rabbits for food. I would love to do that, but can't. Again, due to where I live. We do however have a pet rabbit who lives in our house. We keep her large cage in our kitchen so she is always around someone. She is very social and loves to cuddle.

When I clean out her cage, I let her roam around on the floor. Because she hates our hardwood floors, she stays on a towel or blanket. The few times she has tried to leave the towel, she just slides. It's kinda cute to watch her try to hop on the floors.

Here are a few pictures of her spending time with me after I cleaned out her cage. She did bite my ankle because I wasn't letting her on the couch. She loves to be up there with us. LOL. She loves to play with the cats balls and a paper towel tube that I cut up so she has something to grab on and throw.

Wondering how she got her name? Here is the story of how she came to us. My sister found her when she was a baby in a cage that someone had placed next to the dumpster at her old condo. They couldn't keep her there (tiny place), so we took her in. She was sneezing a lot like she had a cold or allergies. Because I had taken the allergy medicine, Allegra, back when you needed a prescription of it, I thought it was a cute name and very fitting for our sneezy rabbit.

Max gets very jealous of her. He likes to be the center of attention, so when we are paying more attention to Allegra, he lets us know. One time he practically pushed her off the towel and laid down on it to get our attention. He has swatted at her a few times,but not with claws. Allegra always wants to play with Max, but he is never too sure about her.

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