Thursday, April 30, 2015

X is for X Marks The Spot

Usually when you think of where the x is on a map, you have to dig for a treasure. Every year, I draw up a map of sorts as to where I am going to plant what veggies. It is so not to scale and only a ruff draft. Plus. I tend to tweek things as I go. My treasure is all my veggies to feed my family for the year.

This is map from 2 years ago with all the spots I planned to plant my veggies. My garden has gone from four large raised beds and two small, to one huge bed and one small bed, which is dedicated to my strawberry patch.

Here is the huge bed. I took this in the morning this past Sunday. It had been tilled. I just need to rake it out to make it even again.

Here is the bed tonight (sorry about the sun light directly on). I put up the snap pea trellis's today and the hubby put up the pole bean trellis. I can't lift those huge tree poles myself. All that is needed now is some more compost and manure mixed in and I will start planting my "treasure" this weekend.

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