Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for Kitchen

First off I want to apologize for posting this late. It was in the 70's today and my son and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent it outside. Picking up the yard a little, cleaning up the flower beds. We even took a walk downtown and took many pictures for a couple other posts.

Now on to my little post, nothing fancy.

The kitchen is the heart of the house. I spend a lot of time there. Whenever we visit family, or family comes to visit us, we are always hanging out in the kitchen. Food is a big part of our holidays, so I am always cooking.

My kitchen is a big source of stress for me though. It is really small (I live in a single wide mobile home) and it lacks storage. I am embarrassed to show you these pictures, but this is my kitchen. I am always busy and honestly not the greatest at housework, but the house is clean. The table is the only cluttered spot in the house. I am working on it, but it takes forever when everyone keeps adding more crap to the table.

As you can see, my table is a spot to just throw things on. We haven't sat at the table in years. The only time it did get used was when Matt was being homeschooled when we fist moved up here. Right now it has canning jars, cookbooks, plastic ware and paper plates on it. Two caners and all my seeds are also there. We are in the middle of packing the extra stuff up to bring to our camp site to use. That is what the big box has in it.

On top of the built in cabinets I have the canned food we haven't eaten yet as well as the appliances I don't use every day. Well, except the crockpot. Both of mine get a work out in the summer time. Inside the upper cabinets is all our dishes.

 The banquet table in the middle use to be a tv stand. It held our smaller tv and all the video game stuff inside nicely. We got a 55" tv and needed a new stand for it, so I moved this in the kitchen for more storage. It does make the room look and feel much smaller though. Now it holds canning stuff (I swear canning stuff takes over my kitchen), pasta, the dried snacks I made, bread crumbs, sauce.

And the final picture is my newest gnomes I added to my little collection. These two probably will stay here in the kitchen and not go outside. The sun and weather tends to be harsh on the paint.

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