Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for New Hampshire & NASCAR

A little over 5 years ago, the hubby and I moved up to NH. We lived in MA our whole lives, but always hated it there. We went from the city (blech) to a urban area. However, we are surrounded by farms and have been looking for land of our own farther up in NH.

Matt had me stop at the rest stop so he could take this picture for me.

This state is so full of history and wonderful places to see and things to do. 

The Old Man of the Mountain was a beloved icon that is used on things such as our license plates. Sadly is fell in 2003.

The Kancamagus Highway is a long but beautiful ride in the fall.

Let's not forget about the New Hampshire Motor Speedway! I love NASCAR, although the races do tend to put me to sleep. Recently though, I have had to settle for listening to the race on our local rock station. Matt has Boy Scouts at the same time as most of the races. I might have the hubby go to the next few meetings so I can catch a few races. Tony Stewart is my driver, but I cheer any of the drivers on his team. Kevin Harvick has been doing awesome this year.

When looking for a town to live in, we fell in love (well I did, hubby just wanted me to pick a place finally LOL) with Exeter. It is a small town, about 14,000 people give or take. What first made me decide to come here was all the family activities that the town offers. Not to mention the history here. The down town area reminded me of the town my father grew up in. Full of old buildings, something I love.

Matt and I were taking a walk around the down town area the other day. It was in the low 70's, so we skipped lessons and took advantage of the beautiful weather.

The gazebo is in the center of town and at an intersection as well. It gets decorated for Christmas, the whole down town area does. It is so pretty that time of year. Currently the down town area is all decorated for a charity that you will read about in my "Y" post.

Anyone remember Woolworth's? I kinda sorta remember it. I know that one was going out of business in Maine when my daughter was still in my belly. This is in the sidewalk in front of what use to be Woolworth's. I had to take the picture upside down so that my shadow wasn't covering it up. That's why it looks odd.


The old movie theater. It has been closed for years and a few different organizations have been trying to raise money to restore it, but they haven't had any luck. I would love to see what it looks like inside and all done up to look like it use to.

Exeter river. I am sure that the little ice burg on the left is gone by now. It's been in the 60's all week long. Matt has gone kayaking down this river before. It is really long.

Our town does not celebrate independence day on the 4th of July. It took two weeks for the Declaration of Independence to make it up here, so we celebrate usually around the 15th or 18th of July. There is a reenactment of Paul Revere riding up here to read the Declaration. Sadly, we have never made it to see this. We are usually camping or otherwise engaged.

I hope you liked the little bit I have shared about my state and my town.

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