Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Q is for Quiet

Apparently Blogger never posted this post yesterday like I scheduled it to do. *sigh* So here it is a day late.

After living 30+ years in the city, what I long for is sprawling land, forest and quiet. I want to live where there are acres between neighbors, not feet. I want a little farm. The hubby has been looking every night for that perfect place for us, but there is always something wrong with the properties. Tonight's property was the farthest thing from quiet.

We found a cute 3 bedroom place that has a separate 2 car garage that has a 2 bedroom loft upstairs. Only issues with the place is there is no open space for a garden. It is surrounded by forest, which is nice, don't get me wrong.  Three days a year every fall, the traffic by this house is horrid, bumper to bumper. Right behind this property is the home to the huge Deerfield NH fairgrounds. Not so quiet.

It is relatively quiet where we live now, but we are in an urban area in a small mobile home park. I want more land, to see nothing but grass and trees, birds and bees. Someday this will happen though. It is a goal for both me and the hubby.

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