Sunday, April 26, 2015

V is for Venison

As a way to help feed my family, the hubby hunts and fishes. A couple of years ago he got his first deer, a young one that still had her spots. However it was at the end of October. The poor thing would not have made it through the winter. She had no fat on her when she was being processed. But, man was she tender and yummy!

My favorite parts are the tips and back strap. They are the most tender parts in my opinion. I made up this nice marinade for them and I only cook these parts on the grill. Something about grilled foods that make everything taste more yummy. Because there is no to very little fat on deer, you have to add fat to it or cook it in a stew or soup.

I also love it in a stew. I basically swap out the beef for the venison in a beef stew. Tastes the same, but the meat is more tender.

My brother was lucky to be able to get a buck this year and had about sixty pounds of meat from it. He shared some with me and my sister. We haven't had the sausage yet though. He said it is really gamy and I am not sure I want to try it. I'll bring it with me to camp one weekend and cook it along with some chicken sausage. I know my brother in laws will eat the venison sausage.

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