Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Meal Planning

Meal planning is very simple. I hate trying to come u p with something last minute and have no idea what we have in the house to eat. This is key for us to save money on our grocery bill.

I start out by sitting down with a list of what I have in my freezers (I have two chest freezers and a freezer drawer on my fridge) and in my cabinets. Yes, I have a list of every food item in my house. I do this so I know if we have an item or not. Nothing worse than planning on making something and come time to cook it, find out your missing something important, like the meat.

Then I grab the grocery adds, my coupons and my menu for the week. I shop my freezers first. That way I don't have to go out and buy something if what I have in mind is not on sale. I only shop for items when they are on sale. Combining the sales with coupons is a bonus.

I ask the hubby and Matt if they would like anything special for food for the week. Usually it is a no, but the hubby asked for food on the grill. It's finally warm enough for us to open the grill. For instance, I had bought chicken breast on sale awhile ago, so last night I made grilled chicken salads. tonight it was Italian sausage. There is something about the grill that makes the food taste so much better, so I am glad the hubby wanted grilled food. We tend to grill almost every night in the summer anyway.

Here is my menu for this week. As you can tell, breakfast is boring. Matt and I usually skip it during the week. I know, that's bad, but I don't get hungry until like 11 am anyway. I found this cute little pad of dated paper in the dollar section in our local Target.


  1. I usually plan out an entire week of meals. Makes things so much easier for me to know in advance exactly what I'll be making.

    1. Me too. I tried doing it for a few weeks at a time, but I always had something come up and had to change things or things got messed up. It freaks me out when things change after I plan on them being one way. hehe


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