Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for Ice Cream

Nothing is better in summer than some nice cold ice cream. I love going to the farm down the street in the summer, but it can get expensive after awhile. I always seem to get veggies or other stuff that they sell there. Dilly beans anyone? I also like this frozen yogurt place downtown, but that is paid per pound and after you put all the toppings on it, it can be expensive as well. Granted homemade ice cream can be expensive too, but so much more yummy and you know all the ingredients that are in it.

So, my goal this summer is to get an ice cream maker and start testing some yummy recipes for some homemade ice cream. The only ice cream making I have ever done was making it in baggies. It was yummy, but you can only make a little at a time and it is more like soft serve.

First up, picking out the ice cream maker. I always check out first. (I do Swagbucks, so I have a bunch of gift cards saved up on Amazon to use). I found this Hamilton Beach maker for less than 25.00. It has great reviews and honestly, at that price, it is hard to pass up. I also love the nostalgic look of the wooden makers like this one from Nostalgia Electrics.

Next up, choose some recipes. Like always, I hit up Pinterest first. I love that site. I have way more stuff pinned than I will ever use. Check out my Ice Cream board on Pinterest. So many yummy recipes to choose from.

Do you have any go to recipes to share?

1 comment:

  1. Yum! I love ice cream. I'm a new follower and will definitely be back for more.


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