Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Essential Oils

So sorry for getting this post out so late in the day. I've been on the go since early morning running errands and taking my dad (who is down visiting this week) shopping. I hate shopping.

Essential oils seem like all the rage right now. So many people are selling them. I see posts all the time on Facebook from friends or other people selling two big brands. I have checked out both, but found them to be very over priced for the amount of the jars. I did a little research and found a company that is much cheaper and the oils are wonderful and not full of other crap. I buy my oils at Eden's Garden. I'm not affiliated with them, nor do I make money off mentioning them. I just like them.

I use them for aromatherapy and in cleaning recipes the most. There are a ton of recipes on Pinterest that you can use. Here is my Essential Oil board. You can also find a ton of free books for the Kindle as well. It's how I got the books I have. Free is always nice.

My favorite oil has to be Four Thieves. I will admit that I was a skeptic before I started using oils. I had a lot of pressure and drainage from my sinuses last week. Not wanting to be drugged up and sleep more than I already do, I decided to try out my oils.

I put two drops of four thieves into a small amount of sweet almond oil and rubbed it on the sides of the top of my toes. It is the area on your feet associated with your sinuses. I also rubbed some on my chest because I was starting to get congested. Last thing I wanted was a upper respiratory infection or a sinus infection. I slept like a log and the next day the pressure in my sinuses was gone and my chest congestion was gone. I still have a cough (I can not take anything to suppress it because it will trigger my asthma) and do cough up some gunk, but the pressure and pain is gone. Not to mention the gunk went from green to clear. Okay enough of the TMI. Sorry.

Here are a couple of the recipes that I use for cleaning:


  1. I love your blog! So much useful info! I made my own recipe of 4 thieves many years ago-- several herbs steeped in apple cider vinegar--and it cured most of what ailed us. Now I use essential oil. Definitely more pricey, but it's my "one luxury." I am a Yankee from New England and I live by the motto handed down to me: Use it up, Make it do, or do without. Gail from

    1. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. We try to live by the same moto. My 14 year old son as well. He wanted a new weed wacker, so he got a free broken on from the junk yard and has been fixing it up with stuff he has here or finds for free/cheep.


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