Friday, September 13, 2013

Putting up green beans

Now that my pole beans are done producing and the beans are all canned up, I have a little more time to write on my blog. I haven't felt good the past couple of days and have just been relaxing with the cats.

The pole beans produced way more than the bush beans have in the past. I may skip the bush beans next year and just do the pole beans instead. Will save me some room. No need to have them both growing.

This is a huge bowl, just shy of a half a bushel. This is only some of the beans that I picked. It took me a couple of hours to snip and snap and cut up the beans.

It's a good thing we like beans, I canned about 36 pints and have more to do. The beans I have left on the poles I am going to let dry out to save.

To can them, I don't do anything special. I just follow the directions in the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. I don't add any canning salt. Hubby is on blood pressure meds, so I don't like to add salt if I don't have to. It's one thing I love about canning my own veggies. I know what is going in them.


  1. That is a lot of beans, glad they grew so well for you.

    1. Thanks Deb. We love love love green beans.

  2. Looks like your beans did really well. We love green beans too. I have to agree about growing pole beans instead of bush beans. Not only because of the space, but it saves all that bending over to pick them!

    1. You know I didn't even think about bending over to pick the bush beans. LOL. I have a little helper three times a week who gets the low stuff off the pole beans anyway. I do have bush beans in my fall garden and he loves to pick them.

      I also noticed that the pole beans produce a ton more beans than the bush beans have in the past. Another reason to do those instead from now on.


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