Monday, September 16, 2013

My Weekly Goals

Last weeks goals took a bit to get started. It rained for three days, so I couldn't do any of the outside stuff. I did manage to do them on Saturday though. My flower garden is looking much cleaner and there are two new mums in it. The flower boxes are also planted with some new mums as well. The potatoes are all dug up and the last of the butternut squash is out. I just need to can these.

I put off getting the new pressure canner when I saw a nice Lodge cast iron set on Amazon for 65.00. That is a steel and I have wanted cast iron since I moved out of my dads back when I was 18.  

The green beans are all canned. I ended up with just shy of 40 pints of them. I do have some left on the poles, but those are going to stay there to dry so I can save the seeds. The tomatoes did not get done. I am still pulling them out of the garden. This was the year of tomatoes for sure.

I am almost done with my blog planner. I will do a separate post on that. 

On to this weeks goals:

1. Can tomato sauce. All the frozen tomatoes are currently sitting in the double sink and counter to thaw out. I have a ton of tomatoes too. 

2. Dry onions, basil and parsley. I use these a lot in cooking and hate paying a bunch of money for thosee little jars. Herbs are so easy to grow and much cheaper to do myself. The onions I did buy from the farm up the street. Mine were a flop this year.

3. Can potatoes. I have enough from the garden to can 2 quarts. This was an experiment this year, so I didn't plant many potatoes, so I didn't end up with much. Next year I will plant more and do it a different way than this year.

4. Work on putting up the canning shelves. When a local grocery store went out of business, the hubby and I bought 3 big wire rack shelve sets. One is on wheels, so it can move around. 

5. Call my rheumatologist and the vet. I still have my shingles rash and have had to put off my infusion for a week because of it. I really need my infusion (hurting today) so to still have this rash is getting annoying. The kitten is due for a dose of flea and tick treatment. We have seen a couple of fleas on her (all taken off and flushed down the sink with boiling water). So both Abby and Max will need a dose of flea killer. 

What goals do you have for the week? Share them at Our Heart and Home.

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