Saturday, September 14, 2013

Last of the summer harvests

Today I harvested pretty much the rest of the summer harvest. I have some peppers growing again (this has been an awesome year for peppers for us) and some tomatoes left, but everything else has been picked.

Today I picked the rest of the butternut squash and dug up the potatoes. This was the first year growing potatoes, so I just grabbed a package of potato seeds from Home Depot. I had 6 plants but didn't get much potatoes. I got mostly small ones. No big deal. This was an experiment this year. Next year I plan on buying my potato seeds from a company like Baker Creek or Territorial Seeds.

Not a lot of potatoes, but what I have here will get canned up to use in stews. I washed some but not the rest, as you can see. I also had a helper. When I put the basket down, Abby decided to sit in with the potatoes.

Kitty stretches. She was going bonkers today and was into everything of mine.

She even sat down in my water bath canner pot. I put it on the floor so I could wash it and she crawled in it.

My fall garden is looking good. The pea plants have flowers on them, the carrots are growing tall greens, the beans have started to produce and my lettuce is starting to be ready to pick. I picked a bunch of the romaine today. Making a salad for lunch tomorrow with it. It smells sooo yummy!

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