Monday, September 2, 2013

My Weekly Goals

With today being a holiday (and Matt's 13th birthday), my week is a little messed up. I keep thinking it is Sunday, my day to rest and relax. Today it is pouring out, so nothing to do with the garden or yard is getting done.

Last weeks goals are almost all done. The corn is put up, I canned the beans that I did pick, but now there are more ready to be picked and put up. Squash wasn't quite ready, so that will have to wait for a bit. I took Max and Allegra to the vet. We all know how that turned out for Allegra. Oh well, she is in a better place waiting with Gracie.

This weeks goals are:

1. Harvest more veggies (almost done I think) and put them up. Start to clean up the beds. I hate how my garden looks this time of year. Everything is starting to die off so it looks bad. We got lots of yummy veggies out of it though. I also noticed that we have more peppers starting to grow on the plants. I will give those to my sister when they are ready to harvest. My nephew loves peppers.

2. Finish up Matt's birthday things. Games, pinata and goodie bag things. I had to order some of the things from Amazon, so I had to wait for them to come in. Now that everything is here, I can finally finish the things up.

3. Weed flower beds and reshape. The flower beds are a bit neglected and are in need of clearing the weeds and trimming the grass away from the edges. I also need to reshape the beds as well because of the grass growing.

4. Organize new books that are stacked up next the the bed. I just got a bunch of new books, homesteading, fiction and bible studies, that need a new home in my book shelves. but of course my book shelves are a mess. Need to get those looking better and neater then the new books will have a home to go to.

5. Organize my blog planning binder. It is kinda all over the place and I need better organization for it. I have been enjoying my blog but need to make doing my posts, linking up to parties and a few other things a bit smoother.

What are your goals this week? Share them at Our Heart & Home.

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  1. I love goals and I love lists. They really do help!


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