Monday, September 23, 2013

Canning Tomato Sauce

This week, I decided to make room in my freezers and can all my tomatoes. I had a ton of work a head of me. Tomatoes were good producers this year in the garden.

This was most of the frozen tomatoes. I had like 25 quarts, 1 gallon, a grocery shopping bag and a large container full. All this made 24 pints of sauce.

I don't so anything fancy to make the sauce. I cut up all the tomatoes and throw them all in my food mill to get the seeds and skins off the tomatoes. This was of course after I thawed and drained all the liquid out of all these bags and containers.

Then I add the tomatoes to my 2 crock pots and cook on low for about 24 hours with the lid off. Or in my case, with the lid half on half off. Once they are all cooked down, I use my stick blender to mix and finish blending all the tomatoes together. I like a thick sauce, the hubby likes more of a marinara sauce. I add some basil and oregano, but nothing else. I do not add any sugar. I hate sweet sauces with a passion. Not to mention the hubby is diabetic.

I cook it a bit longer while I get the jars and water bath canner ready. I use pints for my sauce. I hate having my pasta smothered in sauce, so it is pointless to can it in a quart jar. I use a tablespoon of lemon juice per pint to add a bit more acidity. Then when the water in the canner is at a rolling boil, I can the jars for 20 minutes. Once done, I take the jars out and get to listen to the musical pings of the lids sealing. Let cool over night then was the jars in warm soapy water and rinse.

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  1. Looks great! I save and dehydrate the skins. They work well powered for paste. I love the idea of using the crock pot, thanks for the tip. Dontcha love those jeweled colored jars cooling on the counter

  2. Excellent information. I have whole tomatoes in my freezer too. :-) Thank you for sharing this at the HomeAcre Hop; I hope you'll join us again this Thursday.


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