Friday, September 20, 2013

Been busy here on the little homestead

It's been a bit crazy here this week. Canning up all my tomatoes (I'll show you early next week in a post) and getting the garden all ready for winter. These two things alone have kept me busy. Not to mention that the hubby has been home all week long and that always gets in the way of my normal routines.

I also had my monthly infusion for my RA, so there was one day I did nothing. It wears me out big time. But it has been working. Thank the Lord.

Speaking of the Lord, I have been spending lots of time every day reading this devotional my mom gave me as well as this book called "Not a Fan". Loving both of them. I have also been reading the Bible and doing my study on Luke everyday. Really enjoying it as well.

I also splurged and bought myself a really nice set of Lodge cast iron pans and a dutch cooker off Amazon for 65.00. I have been wanting a set of cast iron forever. Now to make sure I season it properly. I know it is easy, but it still makes me nervous.

So, next week, I will be back to my normal blogging schedule.

Leaving you all with a picture of one of the sunflowers from my garden.

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