Monday, September 30, 2013

My Weekly Goals

It's been crazy busy here so I never did my goals last week. Things are slowing down a bit, but I am still canning and dehydrating things. I freaked out when I was in the garden earlier and noticed 5 more zucchini and 2 more butternut squash growing! Not to mention my pepper plants have a ton of flowers on them. I think the warm days and cool nights have them thinking it is spring. I was going to dig these plants up this week, but I may wait now.

On to my goals for this week:

1. Get Matt's ipod fixed. I have an appointment at the Apple store in MA (I live in NH) today at 10:30. I am just hoping it is just a battery issue and not going to cost me a ton. When I bought the ipod a couple of years go, it cost me almost 400.00, so it better not cost me a ton to get this thing fixed.

2. Pack up things for the yard sale and other miscellaneous things and put in storage. I hate doing yard sales, that's the hubby's thing, but I have plenty of things to put in the yard sale. Not to mention, Matt has a ton of things to put in it. He is outgrowing most of his toys. He still loves his Nerf stuff and Legos.

3. Take pictures of homeschooling books and put them up on Ebay. I have a ton of things left over from when I homeschooled both the kids. 4 boxes left of things that I need to try to sell to make some money for Christmas. Not to mention, I need the room that they are taking up.

4. Put bar into kitchen and reorganize my kitchen appliances and things. We bought this little side bar table cabinet thing when we first moved in here to use as a tv stand. It's really nice and solid wood. We just bought a new larger tv so I had to get a new stand to hold it. I hate to give this bar away or put it in storage, so I am going to put it in the kitchen to use as a divider between the eat in nook and the kitchen area. We don't eat in the kitchen and the nook area is now my my canning and pantry area.

5. Head to The Container Store while in MA at the Apple store and get the dvd storage boxes. I have a nice big bookcase in my living room that is made from the pews from a church (I think my great grandfathers church but not sure). Three and a half shelves are full of dvd's. Whenever Matt borrows a dvd to watch in his room, he looses the box. Well the boxes are taking up a ton of space that I need badly to store our books that are now all over the place. I bought a bunch of the cd/dvd paper sleeves to put the dvd's in. I just need some pretty boxes to put the dvd's in to store them on the shelves better.

What are your goals for the week?


  1. You've got some great things on your weekly To-Do list!
    I hope it all works out with the iPod. Those things are so expensive, especially when they first come out. I also need to reorganize in my kitchen! Maybe you've given me some motivation there. =0)
    I'd like to thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and sharing your eczema experience. Right now, I have it on my eyelids and ear canal, so I definitely know what you mean about having a hard time treating it!
    I'm now following via GFC and bloglovin. =0)

    1. Unfortunately the ipod is dead. Something wrong with the insides, like a motherboard on a computer. Stinks cause it is only 2 years old and is the 64gb, so it is the most expensive one at the time.


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