Monday, September 9, 2013

My Weekly Goals

Whew! This past week was a busy one. Matt's birthday party was a blast and the kids loved the things I made. With all that extra work done, I can get back to focusing on more canning. Fun times.

Last week, I did get almost all my goals done.

I harvested the rest of the corn to be dried for seed. Lots of the ears are small, some are bent. I also got a bushel of green beans that I am still working on putting up. I need another pressure canner badly. Tomatoes are coming in daily, but I have had to freeze them until I can make sauce. The peppers are still growing, so I haven't picked the rest of those. I have a bunch of butternut squash in the house, still on the vine and a bunch given away.

Doing the things needed for Matt's party took up a bunch of time. More than I thought. Such is the life with RA and Fibro. Of course I forgot to take my pain meds on Wednesday, so that put a damper in my plans for Thursday and Friday. I got all his things done though.

Garden bed is still a jungle. I will get to it this week, I swear.

Books got put away, but not as organized as I would like. It will have to do for now.

I didn't even begin redoing my blog planner. I decided to work on my Bible study journal instead.

On to this weeks goals:

1. Put up the rest of the green beans and start to make tomato sauce. I picked up another case of jars today, but I have a feeling I will need more. LOL. Most of the things I can are put in pint jars, with the exception of broths and potatoes.

2. Weed the flower gardens and begin cleaning up veggie garden. The veggies are pretty much done, so the garden needs to be cleaned up. I hate the look of the garden right now. Plants drying up and looking pretty sad. Also plant mums in the window boxes. I love fall time and mums put me in the fall mood. Of course it will be in the 90's Tuesday thru Thursday but then in the 60's on Friday. Gotta love New England weather.

3. Buy a new pressure canner. I have a Presto that I got a couple of years ago as a Christmas gift from the hubby. I am probably one of the only wives that loves to get new kitchen gadgets for gifts. LOL. The Presto canner is a good one but I want one with a pressure gauge. The model that I have does not have one. I have been wanting an All American canner for sometime now but have never had the money to buy one. I have been saving up my money and with this paycheck, I will finally have enough for the 15 1/2 quart model. That one is the perfect size for what I do.

4. Pick the rest of the butternut squash and potatoes. Can both. Also look into other ways to preserve the butternut squash other than canning. Maybe freezing as a puree or in halves.

5. Begin to work on blog planner. I have a few ideas pinned on Pinterest that I like, so I will mix and match to put one together that fits me and what I do.

What goals do you have planned for the week? Share them at Our Heart and Home.

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  1. I also love getting kitchen gadgets for gifts too! I have several already on my "list" for this year. Thanks for linking up on my blog.


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