Sunday, September 22, 2013

Apple Picking Time

Yesterday my hubby and Matt planned on going apple picking at Apple Crest farm, which is maybe 5 minutes from our house. I invited my mom, mostly because we haven't seen much of her since I stopped working. I also called my sister to see if her and her clan wanted to join us. They already had plans to go, so we all met up at my house. We also banged into my cousin there too. I haven't seen her since her mom, my aunt, passed away.

It was a beautiful day. Not hot, overcast at times, and a nice cool breeze. Lots of people, more than usual because it is going to rain today. Long lines to wait in, but most moved rather quickly. Plus we got their early enough to not wait in the monster lines that were there when we were leaving.

We started the day by getting food. Nothing better than their fresh corn on the cob cooked on the grill as well as some fresh apple cider. I didn't get either though. LOL. We sat near the flower cutting garden to eat. I took advantage of only eating a hot dog to get my baby time in and held my nephew. Then it was time to pick our apples.

The hubby and I got a bushel of apples. (We already had a peck at home) Half Cortland and half Macintosh. I like to use the Macs to make my applesauce and apple butter. Cortland are used for apple pies and crisp. I am going to try drying some apples as well.

The kids had fun picking the apples and then entertained themselves while waiting for the tractor to show up to take us back through the orchard to the main farm area. Mom almost lost all her apples on the tractor ride on the way back when her bag tipped over. She had a kid on her lap so she couldn't get them fast enough, but the other people sharing our cart with us helped us get her apples before they fell off.

Apples then went into our cars and my sister and I took off to pick raspberries without any of the kids. It was a nice little break. Matt had been a grumpy teenager for most of the day and it was making me more tired than anything.

Steve did take the kids to the little animal petting area though. This year we had to pay 1.00 per kid to get into the area and all the animals were in their own little pen. All the other years, we were able to be right in with the animals. Oh well.

This picture was from when we went in 2010. Notice the butterfly that way flying past my camera? I didn't see it till I put the picture on my computer.

Homemade ice cream and some bluegrass music was next on the menu for us. My sister and I took off into the market to see what was there. Because I live so close to this farm, I go here a lot to get things I did not grow in my own garden and for the ice cream too. You get a ton for very little money.

I checked out the many different types of squashes and pumpkins that they grow and sell there. So many kinds and some are really funny looking.

Now I have a ton of apples to clean, preserve and eat. It's going to be a busy week to put up most of these apples. I will be back next month when dad comes for a visit. He wants to go apple picking then as well.

It was a fun day but it wore me out. I spent the rest of the evening canning the rest of my tomato sauce and folding laundry. hehe

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