Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Time Routines

Since Matt has finished 6th grade last week, it has been a bit crazy at home. I will admit that this week I said he can do pretty much anything he wants because he leaves for camp next week, but after listening to him and his sister argue Friday over computer time, I have decided that we need a summer routine. I also need to make sure both kids have their chores listed out and get on their butts to do them. My daughter may be 18, but she still lives at home (and is not working, which is driving me nuts) so she will have chores and things that I expect her to do.

Both kids have a pet to take care of. Matt gets Max the cat and Chantelle gets Allegra the rabbit. Both are expected to clean up after themselves, do their own laundry (not sure I trust Matt with my new washer and dryer yet), and take care of breakfast and lunch for themselves. Mornings are hard for me. My RA bothers me a lot in the morning and my fibro makes it hard to walk, so I take it easy during the mornings.

Chantelle also has to wash, dry and put away the dishes, and sweep the house (it isn't that big honestly). Matt is in charge of the trash, recycling and composting as well as picking up the living room. Most of his mess tends to be in that room because he spends most of his time there when he is not on the computer. I am in charge of making the meals, washing my and the hubby's clothes, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and my bedroom. I vacuum and wash the floors once a week. The garden is also a big chore for me. One that I love though. I average about 2 hours a day in my little garden between weeding, watering, planting and harvesting our food.

Now for our routines. Mine is pretty set up already. I need one (I don't deal with change well) and have it typed out, laminated and on the fridge. I tend to forget things quite often (thanks RA), so I love my lists and my Home Management Binder. I'll have to show you mine someday.

Both kids need to be up before 9am, unless they were up late (as in past midnight), then they can sleep in a little. Breakfast is first. Two days a week Matt and I go see a movie for either $1.00 or $2.00 at our local theater. The movie starts at 10, but you need to be there by 9:30 to get a seat. All the movies are already out in dvd, but it is nice to get out of the house and into the cold ac (ours is not set too cold to save on energy). Chantelle needs to work on her chores while we are gone. Then she is free to go on the computer for a little bit.

On the days that we are home, Matt will do his chores after breakfast, except on Thursday. He has to have the trash and recycling out before 7am. When he is done then he needs to sit and read for at least an hour. I will read as well so I can keep an eye on him. After reading and before lunch, he can go on the computer. Once lunch is done, the tv goes off and no one is going on a computer, that means me too.

Chantelle usually reads or watches Netflix like all day long. I can do it too if I am in the mood. We will either play games, do puzzles or a craft together. I need to take a nap daily (again thanks RA and Fibro) so that I can function for the rest of the day/evening. At this time I either want Matt outside, but if it is really hot and the air quality is bad, then he can watch a little tv till I wake up.

Once I have refueled a little, I head out to the garden. I don't water the garden till around 3:30 or so. Dad said it is  perfect time to do it. It gives the plants time to cool off after a hot day. Plus it is usually cooler for me too. I tend to get my arms and legs wet to help keep me cool. hehe

I do need to start back up with my Flylady routines. I have a bunch of clutter that needs to go away and her methods have always helped. But that is for another time when I don't have both kids around messing it up constantly.

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