Sunday, June 30, 2013

Off to camp

Today, we took Matt up to his first week of Boy Scout camp. It took us about an hour and a half to get there. Our GPS took us some backwards way so we got a nice tour of the middle and west of our state. So pretty up where the camp is. I saw a couple of farms that I would totally love to live at. Someday maybe.

The camp is truly hidden. LOL. It is down this long windy dirt road in the middle of no where.

This is the lake that the camp is on. Matt chose to work on his swimming badge as well as his first year stuff, so he will be living in this lake pretty much all week long. He loves the water anyway, so he will be happy.

Love the mountains in the distance. They are everywhere in this neck of the woods. We kept going up and down the mountains on the way here.

Steve and Matt getting my attention to check out all the frogs in the conservation pond.

Big toad. probably the daddy frog. hehe

Smaller frog. Probably the mommy frog.

There were a ton of polliwogs in all stages of development. These guys are just starting to get their hind legs.

This is the mess hall. It's pretty big inside. If there happens to be a bad thunder storm, the kids will end up here. A couple of weeks ago 20 or so kids and 3 adults were struck by lightning at this camp during a storm. Everyone was ok, thankfully.

The campsite that our troop will be staying at.

The campfire area. Pretty good size, then again we have 16 boys going from our troop.

They are staying at Naticook. Love all the Indian names of all the different camp sites here.

The two boys (in green shirts) in charge of showing our troop around. Matt is in the swimming trunks with the flames. He has a swimming test and group photo right away, so lots of the kids were wearing their swimming trunks with their class A uniform.

All the boys that came from our troop. Our fearless leaders were walking a bit behind them. Our Scoutmaster has his camera with him, so I know there will be plenty of pictures of the kids. I will post more next weekend or so when they are posted to our scout website.

I know Matt will have a blast. I am a little nervous for him. He has been away from home before, quite a lot in fact, but this is a bit farther away. At the end of July, he will be camping in Connecticut. I will be a nervous wreak that week. So this week, the hubby and I are going to relax and spend some time together. No kids at home all week long.

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