Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last day of 6th Grade

Today is the last day of 6th grade for Matt. It has been a different year for him. His first year in middle school. First time with new rules and way things are done. He has a hard time with change, but we managed to make things work out. He is excited for the plans we have for summer and can not wait for Boy Scout camp.

This is from the first day of sixth grade. His eczema was bothering him (always does in the warm months and when he is stressed) but he was very excited.

This is the picture I took this morning. We had a good laugh when I showed him the first day picture and we noticed that he was wearing the same shirt and hat. I couldn't get him to smile, he said he was, but I know he can do better. He sure did grow this year too. I bet this time next year he will be the same height as me (I am 5'6") if not taller. We have the same size foot (I wear a women's 11 1/2).

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