Thursday, June 6, 2013

Flower Garden that my Dad made

Last week, my dad came down to spend some time with my family. He kept me busy for sure. I was so wore out and sore by the time it was time for him to head home. While he was here, he designed and made me two flower gardens and 3 window boxes, which are on my deck railings and not under a window.

Looking up at the window box. Matt's favorite flower is marigolds, I love anything purple and pink.

The blooms on some of the marigolds are huge. This is my hand next to the biggest one. It is the size of my palm.

On to my flower beds by dad.

Picking the perfect spot. This is by my deck and you can see this spot from the street.

Dad edging out the bed. He pulled up all the grass after. We found out that I have lots of clay soil. Good thing I have been working on my raised beds for the veggies, so we had plenty of compost left over for him to use in the flower beds.

Half of the bed with the grass removed. Dad finally took a break after this and had Matt help him finish it up. I kept asking dad to take it easy. It was a little vacation for him after all. Last thing I need is him to drop dead while playing in my yard. 


Planting some petunias. He also planted the lilies that he had sent me awhile ago and found some Bee Balm, which he divided into two. That is the center piece of the garden.

Dad also surprised me by making this little garden next to my shed. Makes that eyesore a lot better to look at. He took the Hosta that I have tried to kill for the last 4 years. Dad said if anyone can kill Hosta, they better give up gardening. Guess I am good, cause I could never kill it. He also found my Strawberry pot and a heart shaped trellis that Steve bought at a yard sale. I actually have two of them.

After dad went home, I added a few more things to both flower beds.

I hung a planter inside the heart and planted some purple petunias in it. I also planted some pretty pink flowers in the strawberry pot. I forget what kind they are. Then I added some fake (yes fake) sunflowers to the window box. The box is not big enough to have real plants in it, that's why the fake flowers.

For this big bed, I just added the heart trellis, the hanging planter in the heart, with more purple petunias and a small flag off to the side. The heart trellis is between the Bee Balm and behind a lily. 

So, these are the little flower gardens that my dad did up for me, with a little touch by me. Hope you like them.


  1. I like the flower beds... nice contours!

  2. Heather,

    Dad's are just so wonderful!

    1. I don't get to see my dad often, so to have these little gardens by him, he is always with me.

  3. Hi Heather, How nice of him to do that for you...Love your flower beds & boxes they look great, really adds alot to the landscape!


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