Monday, June 10, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Andrea hit us up here in New Hampshire this past Friday through Saturday afternoon. We got 4 1/2 inches of rain. We are suppose to get another 2 inches of rain tonight into tomorrow. I know I shouldn't be complaining about all the rain. At least we have it.

Our backyard has a low spot near our corn bed which is now a little lake. Hope the corn likes water. LOL. When I put my feet in the puddles, they disappear. In the spring time we have a really big "lake" in the yard. We even had ducks swimming in it. So funny the first time I saw it.

The little stream at the back of our yard is really full. Normally it has hardly any water in it. Now it is really up there and really moving down towards the pipe to take it under the street. The kids need to finish clearing all the twigs and crap out of it so it doesn't go over the banks.

I took it easy this past weekend, for once. I am always pushing myself to do things that I knew I was able to do before the RA and Fibro. I always pay for it the following days though. One would thing I learned my lesson by now, but nope. I am super stubborn.

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