Friday, June 21, 2013

Critter ate my garden

Yesterday, the kids and I spent over two hours in the garden doing some much needed weeding. When I first walked into the garden, I noticed that my bean plants had been nibbled. Some were missing their first sets of leaves.

The hubby checked the garden at 5:30 this morning before he left for work and all was well. No more missing bean plants. However, when I went out there at noon, ALL my beans were gone. All eaten up. All but like two. I am rather ticked off. We love our beans. I have already planted more earlier in the week and then even more yesterday. We start everything from seed, so it will be a bit before we see more bean plants pop up.

All that is left of my bean plants. Sooo sad. Hope the rabbit (it's what I suspect it is) enjoyed his breakfast.

The couple that are left. This is what all the beans looked like earlier in the week, before our little morning visitor.

What is left of the first half of the beans that I planted. Not much there. *sigh*

The hubby and I are going to be putting chicken wire fencing up around all our beds. We aren't suppose to put up a fence in the neighborhood that we live in, but these will be taken down at the end of the season. That and the land owner almost never comes in the back anyway. This is our way to save money on produce throughout the winter. Nothing taste worse than out of season store bought veggies. Growing my own gives us a way to continue the yummy flavors throughout the year.

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