Monday, June 24, 2013

Our veggie stealing visitor

So last Friday, I noticed that my beans had been munched on. Well, completely decimated. Not sure what it was, we decided to put up our trail camera to see if we could catch anything. I thought at first we had a rabbit in the garden. We do have lots of rabbits around. This is what we saw that first time checking our pictures:

You can just male out the ground hog (which Matt has named Sonic, my name for him is much more colorful) running towards our garden beds. He didn't show up on Saturday and on Sunday, I scared him when he was heading over for dinner.

We put out a Have-a-Heart trap to see if we could catch him. We would love to you use our .22 or our bow, but you can see that we live in a mobile home park and our neighbors are too close.

Around 11:30 am, I ran out to check the pictures we had since 5 am. This is what we see:

If you look in the lower left hand corner, where my peas are, you can see the little furry guy munching his lunch.

Here he is finishing off any beans that he missed and the ones that actually came back. You can see the trap that he kept walking around. I am thinking of sacrificing some of my peas and putting them in there instead of the carrots.

Here he is leaving the bean bed after getting his fill. He's about the size of a cat. Seeing how the trap isn't working, the hubby and I are thinking of getting some coyote urine and spraying that around all our beds to see if that will keep him away. Me, honestly, if I could smell my predators pee near where I eat, I wouldn't go there anymore. I am hoping that works. Last thing I want to do is set up our hunting blind to catch him. LOL. Hubby might want to do that though. I won't tell him that I thought of it.

Any other ideas you can think of that might help keep him out?


  1. Not to be gross but YOU are his predator.... Have hubby tinkle around the raised bed and in the area he enters your yard. We've not tried it but I've heard it works for others. Might be a good idea to do it after dark LOL!

    1. That is what someone else suggested to me. LOL She asked if I had any males in the house. I have 3 if you count our cat. I know my son's urine is kinda stinky, s it might work. Not sure if he wants to go in a bowl so I can do it. Not sure I want him to go outdoors. LOL


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