Thursday, June 27, 2013

Been relaxing and a garden update

I have been relaxing (sort of) the past couple of days. I have issues with my right hand where the fingers curl up and stay that way (trigger finger). Once I get them uncurled, it is super sore and I end up having to wear my brace whenever I am not using my hand. Only things I managed to do was make dinner and pick some peas with Matt. The brace has a little pillow that goes from the palm of my hand all the way to near the tip of my fingers. It is really comfortable considering. I sleep in it (have to) and only my wrist hurts in the morning because it has been stuck in the same position not moving all night long.

It has been so hot this past week (in the high 90's) and muggy. Today of course is in the mid 60's. It feels so freaking cold. It has also rained almost everyday. Surprise there. We got 3 inches yesterday. The corn is loving all this rain.

This was the corn bed on June 20th, one week ago today. I had both kids in the garden with me to help weed everything. They pretty much only did the corn. Matt helped with the cucumbers too though.

This is the corn now. It is raining out as you can see the puddle at the lower right hand corner. That is the low spot in the yard.

 Getting bigger. I kinda fell right before I took this picture. I landed on my left wrist hard (it still hurts bad) and landed in the puddle above. My backside was soaked. LOL. Oh well. I just put on my jammies and curled in bed with the laptop.

My shelling peas are huge. I am just waiting for them to plump up so I can pick them. There are tons of them too. Thankfully we haven't seen the ground hog in days. I guess the critter ridder spray is working. It was bothering my asthma when I was spraying, so I have a feeling it really bothered him.

Kinda blurry picture. It was taken after my fall. But these beans are pretty hardy. They have been munched on three times and some have managed to come back. The other half of the bed has finally sprouted with tons of bean plants too. Hopefully they are able to grow without becoming an early lunch for some furry four legged critters.

My pole beans. Chantelle was in charge of planting two rows of these and I was in charge of planting the other two. Guess who forgot to plant the missing row. Wasn't me. The missing beans have been planted as of yesterday though.

Our butternut squash is looking good so far. I have 13 plants. The hubby loves this type of squash. My, not so much, but I will eat it. I need to see if I can can or freeze it. I am sure I can.

Our cucumbers are finally getting bigger. For the longest time, I was afraid they weren't going to do anything. I planted them a month early by accident and was afraid that it kinda stunted them, but once the hot days came, they started going nuts. Of course we have only had like one week of hot weather though.

When I first planted my bell pepper plants, they looked good. Soon they started to look like this. The leaves turned yellow and were curling and falling off. I assumed that it was a nitrogen deficiency even though I fertilized it. I decided to fertilize it again and see if it helped. If not then I was going to get a fish emulsion to help with the nitrogen issue.

This is what the same plant looks like today, a week later. More leaves have grown in and the color is much better. Now if they will just grow bigger, I will be happy. I have 6 bell pepper plants this year. Only one of mine did anything last year and all it did was give me one pepper. We love peppers here. We put it in lots of dishes and eat it raw for a snack.

My tomatoes are growing up fast. I know I should have removed the little cages that my dad put on them and put the large ones we have on them. Maybe I can manage to do it this weekend, if I am not busy.

Our Zucchini (plants on the left) and the summer squash (the middle and right). The dark green plants were all started by seed, the yellowish plants were bought. Even though I fertilized them both at the same time and planted the middle row when the others were even smaller, I am not sure what is up. The middle row does have some fruit and flowers. I was thinking of taking the fruit off to let the plants grow a bit more and get a bit healthier. I am just afraid that I am taking off the female flowers and that no fruit will happen on the plants. We will have to see how they look in a week.


  1. Butternut squash...yummmmmmmmy!
    Try this:
    Butternut Squash Soup
    Cut a decent sized butternut squash in half, clean out seeds. Put a pat of butter (NEVER margerine!) in the little hollow, add a teaspoon of brown sugar. Cover with foil, roast on baking in medium hot oven (around 350 to 375) for until soft. (About 40 minutes or so)
    Take out of oven, peel and cut in chunks. Save peel for chickens or compost :) Toss squash chunks in blender with 1 cup chicken broth, add 1 cup milk slowly. If too thick, add some more broth or milk. Or cream if you aren't on a diet. When well blended, add 1/4 teaspoon vanilla.
    Serve hot.
    My kids could never get enough of this!

  2. I like your cucumber trellis. Sometimes my storebought plants aren't as hardy as my may take them a little while to get adjusted to the sun and wind. Everything else looks good!

    1. The hubby and I made the trellis out of pvc pipe and twine. Much cheaper and sturdier than others that I have seen. So far two of the three store bought plants are looking good. One is not looking so great. Oh well.

  3. Everything looks grand. Can't wait to see the harvest.

    1. Thanks :o). I can't wait to start harvesting. Been getting all my canning stuff together and making sure my vacuum sealer is good to go for the stuff I am freezing.

  4. Everything looks great! Must be all the rain!

    1. Goodness knows we had enough rain. I think this was t he wettest June we have ever had. Garden is loving it though.


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