Friday, August 30, 2013

Sad day on the homestead

We had a rather sad day today. We don't raise animals for food (not enough room), but we do have a cat and a rabbit for pets. Today was their vet appointments for check ups and shots.

Max's went fine. Tubby cat gained a lb and now is 11 lbs. He also has ear mites, but easy to treat. No biggie.

Allegra on the other hand, did not go well. First off, I found out she is in fact a he, but I will still call him a her. She has been acting off since Monday. She was unbalanced and kept falling over. She seemed to be blind or not seeing well out of one eye and she has hardly eaten anything since Monday. I think Max knew something was wrong because he has not left Allegra's cage side.

After being examined, the vet said that she more than likely has E. Cuniculi, which is a parasite that lives in a rabbit's cells. Sadly it is not a good ending. Treatment is aggressive but not curable and we would have to do several treatments over time. Because of her age, she's 10, we decided the best thing to do would be to put her down.

She lived a long, spoiled life and was very loved. She will be missed. Max is currently next to her cage and keeps looking in it and meowing at me. I've told him what was wrong and what happened like he was a human kid.

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