Saturday, August 17, 2013

Busy canning and freezing

It seems like lots of my veggies have started to ripen all at once.  So I have been busy canning and freezing it all up.

My tomatoes are finally showing color. I take them off the bushes when they start to turn then let them finish up in the house. One reason why I do this is because we have lots of birds in the yard and they will go after the tomatoes. Another reason is blight has taken most of the leaves away so I don't want the tomatoes to get sun scorched. I don't want to loose any tomatoes.

So far I have canned 7 pints of tomatoes sauce. I also have 2 pints in the fridge (I ran out of lids oops) and we had pasta the night I made the sauce.

I also have 5 pints of green beans. These are the beans that I bought. Mine are still growing, but I was afraid of not having any. I had some water leave the jars because I was tired and it was early morning (midnight - 1 am) when I was canning and wasn't thinking. I took the lid off the pressure canner a little bit before I was suppose to.

I also have 6 pints of dill pickles. The hubby and son love dill pickles. I love dill relish, but don't have enough cucumbers left to make any.

I had a bunch of potatoes that I bought from the store that were about to go, so I decided to can them. First time doing it. Lots of siphoning with these. Again it was a combination of a late night of canning and maybe over packing. This was a test so if I get any potatoes from my crop, then I can do it again and do it right and not at midnight.

This is the canning "bible" that I use. It is put out by Ball, so I trust it. Love this book more than the Blue Ball book, which I have passed on to my dad who wants to try canning.

There was a grocery store going out of business near me and everything was 50% off. So what do I grab? All the canning lids and some fresh preserve. I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours to get all this LOL. I know, I am stupid, but so were hundreds of other people. I spend 30.00 on this. I needed them and they will not go to waste.

I still have lots of peppers coming in. It seems like I pick 8 or so every few days. The last bunch I gave to my sister for my nephew who loves them. I froze up all of the first picking. I put them on cookie sheets and put the whole thing in the chest freezer over night. Then I use the foodsaver to bag them up.

I still have zucchini coming in. Just when I think the plants are done, 5 more pop up over night. I gave 3 to my sister and I sliced and froze 3 more. I still have one big one left that I am going to shred and use to make zucchini bread. The house will smell great, but it will be hot. Either that or it will be another late night baking. Thinking the later so the house isn't so hot during the day.

I have a ton more tomatoes coming in daily and a ton in my kitchen already. I have a bunch of more sauce coming up soon. Never ending, but I look forward to this every year.

A friend up the street gave us a huge mesh bag full of corn on the cob. I gave my sister a dozen ears and it barely dented the bag. Guess what I am going to spend Sunday doing? Shucking  corn with my arthritic hands, then blanching, cutting the corn off the cob and then canning and freezing it up. Fun times!

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