Friday, August 30, 2013

Busy week

This week has been a busy week. This is what has been going on.

Sunday night Matt had his board of review to move up to Tenderfoot in scouts. After scouts, I cut his hair. I let him have longer hair all summer. Something that drove me nuts, but he wanted me to leave it alone.

Before shots. Look at that long hair! I was teasing him that I was going to put little pony tails in all over his head.

Lots of hair gone. Looks like a hair piece on the floor. hehe

After shots. Much better. Looks like a different person. I can't believe he is almost 13!

 Monday was the first day of school. Matt is in the 7th grade this year. His favorite color right now is purple, so he wore a purple polo on the first day. He is also wearing a purple shirt today too. He looks pretty good in purple.

It was a rainy kinda chilly morning. Good thing the bus stop is at the end of our street.

I have also been busy in the garden with more tomatoes, corn, and beans (finally). Our butternut squash needs to be picked and put up too.

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