Friday, August 23, 2013

Grr, Not another one!

After my early summer problems with the ground hog and catching 3 of them, I thought we were done.

We put up a fence around the whole garden and reinforced this one section. Nothing has got in and my garden looks great. I have tons of pole beans growing. Yippy! But the other day, when I was making my daily rounds in the garden, I happened to look at where my fall garden of lettuce was growing. This is what it looked like.

This was my romaine lettuce. It was still small, but it would be ready by the middle/end of September. Not so much anymore.

This was my butter head lettuce. Such a sad sight. The little bugger also nibbled on my snap peas and carrot tops.

The interesting thing is when I turned the corner to the lettuce area, the ground hog was right there. I scared it and I got soo excited. I ran to close the gate and it kept banging his head on the fence until he was able to move it enough to slip under. That was not how he got into the garden though. He had dug a tunnel under the shed into the garden. That part has since been fixed.

The hubby set up the trap again and late in the afternoon the next day, there he was, sitting in the cage watching us.

He's kinda cute. Look at those long nails and teeth. This one was not like the momma ground hog who kept hissing and snapping at us. This one was rather curious. Matt bent down to look at him and the ground hog moved so that he could look at Matt.

It was kinda funny watching him check us out while we were checking him out. We drove him to a nice spot, but not in the same area as the other 3 went. I know, we are not suppose to relocate them, but the only other option is to kill them and we can't shoot our guns off in our yard. To close to our neighbors. I rather let them go anyway.

I have since replanted more of the lettuce with hopes that it will be ready to eat before it gets very cold out. If not, then I have plenty of seeds to grow in the spring.

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