Saturday, August 24, 2013

Putting up corn

 A few of days ago I was given like 4 dozen ears of corn. Even though we have our own corn growing, I can never turn down free food. I spent all day yesterday shucking the corn, not an easy task with my RA, but it was easier than last year. I couldn't do anything then. I am thinking that this new medication I am on is working.

Here is some of the shucked corn. It was starting to get a little dry. I blanched all the corn and then cut all the kernels off. I filled one of those disposable chafing dishes full of the kernels. Today, I canned it all. I got 8 pints. It smelled soooo good while in the pressure canner. Both my hubby and son asked what I was cooking. They love corn something fierce.

Looking yummy. Just need to wait for the jars to cool off, then wash them up and put them away.

Oh and look what decided to be ready today. Guess I will be putting up more corn tomorrow too. Oh well, it's all good.


  1. It looks great, Heather... and I have a confession to make... I'm scared of pressure canning!

    1. I'm still scared of it and am always afraid of things going wrong. Never had a problem though. My next thing to try is dehydrating.


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