Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Weekly Goals

I ment to put this up on Monday, but I have been super tired and busy anyway. Let's see, I did get most of my goals from last week done.

I got all the corn shucked and canned. At least all the corn that I was given.

I have not finished decluttering the nook area. it is now full of canning things needing to be put away.

I did get an inventory of the chest freezer. I have so much stuff in there that I didn't know I did. I have 12 packages of hamburger. I usually have like 2. I am going to be "shopping" in my freezer for a few weeks. I need to make room for the deer meat that the hubby will be bringing home from hunting. I have a feeling that we will be buying another chest freezer too. I also organized it a little bit better, but I still need to find a way to organize it much better.

I did finish painting the bathroom, for the most part. I have a few touch up areas to do then it will be all done.

For this week, these are my goals:

1. Harvest and can pole beans. They are finally coming in and there are a bunch on the trellis. I am happy to finally have beans coming in. Never grew pole beans before, only bush beans. These beans are flatter than bush beans, but are much longer.

2. Harvest the rest of our corn. I need to blanch and freeze this corn on the cob and off the cob. It looks so yummy!

3. Begin to harvest the butternut squash. We have been giving some of it away already, but I need to get ours picked and put up. I also need to look up different ways to preserve it other than canning and freezing it in halves and pureeing it.

4. Work on Matt's birthday party things. I need to make the goody bags, the pinata, and the games. His party is in a week and a half, but his birthday is Monday. I am going to have two teenagers soon. Ack!

5. Take the cat and rabbit to the vet. Max is just going for a check up and to get his shots up to date. Allegra on the other hand, is not doing so well. She isn't moving right, seems to have loss of balance. She keeps toppling over whenever she moves (and she doesn't move much anymore). Her head is tilted a bit and I think she is going blind in one eye. She also has lost weight. She has been one spoiled bunny and kinda fat. She is almost 10 years old and has lived a good life. To think that someone threw her out with the trash all those years ago.

So, these are my goals this week. Lots of harvesting and putting up this week. Such is the life this time of year though.

What are your goals this week?  Share them at Our Heart & Home.

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