Monday, August 19, 2013

My Weekly Goals

Okay, so the last time I did this was back in the middle of July. between have a RA and Fibro flare for a couple of weeks and a busy time freezing and canning, I haven't made any goals other than my normal every day ones. Now that I am feeling better, it is time to get back to making my goals.

My weekly goals are:

 1. Shuck and remove the kernels from the corn cobs. I was given a few dozen ears of corn and my own corn is coming in, so it is time to get canning and freezing my corn. This is not RA friendly, but I am stubborn and this will not stop me.

2. De-clutter the kitchen nook area. We don't use the kitchen table other than holding my canning stuff at the moment. The table is one of those corner bench deals that was in the place when we moved in. It is too small for us and we tend to eat in front of the tv. I know we are bad, but when your hubby works till late at night and your son doesn't want to eat when you do, it makes no sense to eat at the table. So we are getting rid of it and giving it to my brother. 

3. Get an inventory of everything that is in both freezers and the cabinets. With all my veggies coming in from our garden, we are canning and freezing most of it so we have food for the winter. Because of this, I honestly have no clue what we have for food in the house. I need a list of what we have so that I can see what is going out and what I need when making my menu and grocery lists. 

4. Organize the chest freezer. I have a love hate relationship with my chest freezer. It holds a ton of food, but because it is a chest freezer, if I want something on the bottom of it, I have to take everything on top of it out.  I also don't know what is where. I want to make it easier to get what I need without defrosting the darn thing every time I get something.

5. Finish painting the bathroom. Yes, this was on my list from last month, but I never got around to doing it. I need to finish it up. I hate having unfinished projects going on. So, the cabinets and mirror frame will get a couple of coats of white paint.

What goals do you have planned this week? Share them with others at Our Heart & Home


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  2. Thank you so much for linking up at Our Heart and Home. I am praising God that you are feeling at least some better and that you are enjoying the blessing of a great harvest. Hope to see your list tomorrow too! Have a blessed Lord's Day!

    1. I am feeling better, but I now have the shingles. Kinda stuck at home now, but that is okay. I have corn and tomatoes and butternut squash coming in to keep me busy.


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