Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hunkering down for the storm

Yup, my area is finally getting a storm this winter season. Well, technically winter doesn't start until next week, but who's counting. We have had a dusting here and there, but starting tonight and into tomorrow, my area is expected to get 10-14 inches. I live near the coast (15 minutes inland) so the numbers could go either way.

We are already though. We went to the store to get a few things that we can't grow on our own, like milk, eggs and Diet Coke for the hubby. hehe. We picked up some ice melt today. The boys spent an hour or so picking up the yard of stuff that never got put up and secured things like the trash barrels.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours wrapping my gifts. Let me tell you, it is a pain to do anything with paper or fabric for that matter with a kitten around. I spent more time picking her up and putting her down or locking her in another room to get anything done. My wrapping time looked like this:

Sorry Kiernan if your gift is fuzzy and ripped, Abby says Your Welcome. hehe

Chantelle, you might want to wash the straw really good. She licked it for you. Making sure it was ok for you.

And she made sure the box was the perfect size for my hubby's shirt. I think it will fit well.

Today, I spent some time cutting out fabric to make us some new stockings. Abby of course had to help, but I didn't have my camera near by. She kept trying to go under the fabric, dive bombing the scissors as I was cutting. I am surprised that she still has her paws. I had just sharpened the scissors today too. Here is the fabric I am using. I got it off Nice stuff. I have only ordered from them twice, but have been happy with what I have received.

I have a chicken ready to put in the oven to help keep us warm during the storm. Plenty of books to read, laptop, camera and iphone charged, kindle charging, so I am all set. Plenty of warm clothes and blankets in case the power goes out. Not to mention my homemade hot chocolate mix to make.

Tomorrow night we are suppose to have our Yankee Swap at our Boy Scout meeting, but I am doubting that will happen, but we will see. I am surprised I haven't herd anything from the scouts yet. I might have to email them and see.

Well, I'll post some pictures of our snow once it stops and we are able to get out the door. We always get drifts up on our deck and they block the door.

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