Saturday, December 28, 2013

31 Days of Spending Zero

Starting January first, I am participating in a month long challenge to spend no money, except for the essentials like gas, household bills, groceries. You can find the challenge at Living Well Spending Less.

There is also a Facebook group to join for extra support and encouragement, should you need it.

I told the hubby about this and told him that he has to help out as well. He always spends extra money everyday at work. So, it will be up to me to make sure he has a lunch and snacks for the week, as well as my son.

Because we have a rather expensive bill coming up (labor for installing a new engine for the hubby's truck that we bought used), I am taking this challenge a step farther and not spending any money on groceries other than milk. I have been slowly stockpiling food for the past couple of months, so we will be able to use the food we have on hand. Thanks to our garden and the sales on turkey at Thanksgiving (we have 6 in a chest freezer) and other meat, as well as the deer the hubby got, we will have plenty of meat. I can make one turkey stretch for a week and a half or so.

I can make pretty much everything from scratch. I refilled my stock of bread and whole wheat flour today so I will be making bread soon. I have a friend who can give me eggs from her chickens, if I need them. I do have 2 dozen eggs at the moment that should last us a little bit. Plenty of pasta and dried beans as well.

I will come back every Sunday with a post to let you all know how the challenge is going for me. I am so excited to start this. It will be hard, mostly to get the hubby to stop than me, but we are ready to do this. If it works out, I will try it again in March. I might do this every other month or so.

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