Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekly Goals

It's been awhile since I've done any weekly goals. Bout time I started them up again. I am a planner and tend to get things done if I have goals. Here are this weeks goals.

1. Make laundry detergent. I am seriously low on detergent. I try not to use any store bought stuff, but have bought some if they are on sale and I have coupons for it. But right now, I have nothing. I already have the Zote soap shredded, I just need to mix everything.

2. Can the remainder of the tomato sauce. We had a wonderful tomato harvest this year. I think I have enough to have one pasta dinner a week for the whole year. I am getting sick of cooking the sauce and canning it. I hate the smell of tomatoes cooking. It grosses me out. I love my sauce though.

3. Make croutons and breadcrumbs. I have been blessed with tons of free bread. I have five or six 2 foot loaves of bread all dried out to make bread crumbs with. I also have four loaves that are starting to dry out that I will turn into croutons. I tend to just eat the croutons as a snack. They don't seem to make it into any salads. With soup season upon us though, I will be using them in my soups.

4. Make apple sauce. The hubby and I bought a couple of half bushel bags of utility Mac's from the farm up the street from us. Nothing wrong with the apples other than bruises and blemishes. Fruit is still really good. They sell the utility bags loads cheaper than the normal bags. One bag is dedicated to apple sauce.

5. Make dry apple slices. With the other utility bag of apples, I will be drying them out for snacks during the winter. I eat them like some people eat potato chips. Love them! Last year, I didn't make much, so this year I will be making a bunch.

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