Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homeschooling with cats

Having pets sure makes your life interesting. Homeschooling with them has its own difficulties.

Today for instance, Abby wanted to sit in Matt's lap. She loves to curl up in his lap while he pets her. Well, his lap was taken up with his English book, so she decided this was an okay spot.

I love how her paws are folded. She kept giving me the stink eye. She wanted her lap back and couldn't until we were done. She then decided to help us finish faster by eating the teachers book.

I'm going to have to put a disclaimer in my Ebay add when I resell the book. Nomed on by a impatient cat. It only has a few teeth marks in it.

Later on, Max decided he wanted to curl up on my lap. He is not a lap cat really, but if he is cold, he will curl up only on my lap or the hubby's lap. This was my view while I was trying to fold socks.

He's part Maine Coon, so he is a big boy. He wouldn't get off my lap even when I was half way up getting off the sofa. Guess he wanted me to shut the window or something. Later on I found him curled up in our printer paper bin. *sigh* Now I know why our paper was furry.


  1. Beautiful cats! I have a soft spot for Maine Coons, but Abby looks like she has quite the personality! I bet they are both enjoyable!

  2. Being a cat person, I love your pics, thank-you for sharing.

  3. LOL great post. Cats do have a way of parking themselves wherever your attention is. :) Back in our homeschooling days, we had a cat and a house rabbit. My son had been working on a paper I'd assigned, and somehow it fell off onto the floor. He was furious to find it later, with rabbit nibbles all over the corners. "The rabbit ate my homework" was one excuse the teacher could believe. :)


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