Thursday, September 25, 2014

Corn Maze

Yesterday, Matt and I joined our local homeschool group for a little fun in a corn maze at a farm near us. We have lots of farms around here considering we are not in an rural area.

Most, okay all, of the kids that went were a lot younger than Matt. Most of the were girls too. I met quite a few nice parents, both moms and dads. Matt was kinda bored while we waited for the rest of the group to show up. I was content talking to the other parents. I needed the socialization more than Matt at this point. LOL

Off we go! We started out with the whole group but eventually Matt wanted to go his own way.

I can never seem to get a picture of him anymore. He hates to have his picture taken. I snapped this one quick while he was running back towards me. Not too bad really.

I put my phone up above the corn stalks when we were on the top of the hills to see the view (all these pictures were taken on my iphone). Matt tried to duck out of the way, but I still got him.

Eventually he took off and left me. He was within ear shot, so all I had to do was call for him and he came back.

Another view of the fields around us. I love it here. Matt and I were far from the little kids at this point. We did find them eventually, but we continued to go our own way.

Throughout the maze there were these posts with a nursery rhyme on it and a little clue as to where to go to either get out or get further into the maze. We found 2 of them.

This is one of the signs up closer. We figured out that the spout would lead us out, so we went right.

Eventually we made it out.We were the last ones in, first ones out. Well one of the moms took the short cut out because her kids (they were 5 and 2) were tired.

One of the displays of pumpkins and mums.

Lots of pumpkins for sale. In the back is a hay maze for the little kids to play in.

It was a beautiful day. In the high 60's and warm. Perfect day for this. Of course Matt didn't want to do any school work other than math after, so I decided it was okay to take the day off. I have been super tired this week anyway. I am due for my infusion (I have it tomorrow) and I always get really tired and more sore the week before I have it.

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